Fundraising is an important part of the Cossitt PTC and plays a vital role in providing programs to all Cossitt students such as Celebrating Cossitt Curriculum (CCC), Art Appreciation and grade-level and all-school assemblies. Fundraising by the PTC also provides Cossitt teachers with support to make our school a better place to work and for children to learn. Parent volunteers and supporters play a key role in fundraising which makes the PTC thrive. If you’re interested in volunteering for any of the committees listed below or have any questions about our fundraisers, please contact the Vice President of Fundraising listed in the current Cossitt School Directory.
Book Fair – This Cossitt fundraiser takes place annually in early November. Committee Chairs work with a local book vendor, school staff and parent volunteers to run a three-day fair in Cossitt’s LRC. All Cossitt students are given classroom time to visit the Book Fair. The Cossitt PTC provides Book Fair Scholarships to qualified students.
Cossitt Clothing Sale – This is the Cossitt PTC’s largest fundraiser; held twice a year in the fall and spring. This fundraiser requires the most volunteers out of any of the Cossitt fundraisers. The Cossitt Clothing Sale is a children’s consignment clothing sale featuring gently-used children’s clothing, athletic shoes, dress shoes, uniforms and costumes as well as infant equipment, accessories and more. For more information, please click on the Clothing Sale tab above.
Cossitt Spiritwear – Spiritwear gives students a sense of belonging and pride in their school. Cossitt Spiritwear is a fall fundraiser and offers fun and athletic clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies, and pajama pants all displaying Cossitt’s Tiger or paw print logo. All Spritwear orders are ready for pick up before Cossitt’s Winter Break.
Flower Power – This online-only fundraiser sells top-quality bulbs that bloom in spring through a reputable company called, Flower Power Fundraising. Orders are shipped directly to your home, and Cossitt receives 50% of all product sales.
Original Works – The Cossitt PTC works with Original Works, an art-based fundraising company, which offers quality, functional products for displaying children’s artwork. All Cossitt students create an original artwork during art class that can be transferred onto a keepsake item such as a clay tile, mouse pad, tote bag or t-shirt.
Rebate Programs – Cossitt families are encouraged to participate in rebate programs such as AmazonSmile and and BoxTops4Education. Send neatly clipped BoxTop labels with your child to school and the PTC’s Rebate Coordinator will submit them for cash for the Cossitt PTC.
Restaurant Fundraising – If you’re planning to go out to eat with your family during the school year, then Restaurant fundraising is an easy fundraiser for you to support. The Committee Chair dedicates a local restaurant one day per month for Cossitt families to dine in or take out. Cossitt can earn up to 25% of all total sales.
“Run for District 102” Fun Run and 5K – This fundraiser is held in cooperation with District 102 schools in order to encourage physical fitness, build district spirit and raise funds for participating schools.  For more information, please click on the following link: Run for District 102 5K and Fun Run
SCRIP – This ongoing fundraiser offers gift cards for Cossitt families or friends to purchase from popular business such as Dominick’s, Whole Foods and Jewel as well as Noodles, Target, Starbucks, Home Depot and Walgreen’s to name a few.  SCRIP flyers are sent out monthly through Cossitt’s Friday Folder and are accompanied by a SCRIP Order Form, which details the percentages Cossitt will receive from every gift card purchase.
Social Fundraising – Social fundraisers are organized and hosted by Cossitt parents and signups are offered during the fall Parent Social. These fundraisers raise funds for the school while providing an avenue for the Cossitt parent community to meet and build relationships. Past fundraisers have included themed parties, progressive dinners, wine tastings and child focus activities.
Trivia Night – Trivia Night is an opportunity for Cossitt parents to socialize and raise funds in the form for friendly competition. This fundraiser occurs in the Spring.