Registration for the Spring 2019 Sale is OPEN!!!
*** DEADLINE for  inputting and printing the items you plan to sell is Thursday, March 7th at Noon.  Items input after that time will not be tracked and we cannot pay you for them if they are sold.***
Tagging Guide for Sellers  (please scroll down for all tagging information)
NEW!!! – Sizing Conversion Chart
Preparing and Printing Barcoded Sales Tags
  • To prepare your sales tags online, login through the Seller Login link.  Click on “Work With Seller Inventory.”  This gets you to the place to start entering the information for each tag.
  • Tags must be printed on white 60-67 lb, cardstock that can be purchased at stores such as Walmart, Target, and office stores.  For your convenience, we will have cardstock available for sellers to pick up free of charge at the Technical Assistance Days: Wednesday, February 27, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, La Grange PARK Library & Monday, March 4, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, La Grange Library
  • If you do not have access to a printer or are unable to make it to our Technical Assistance days for printing another alternative is emailing your tags to a FedEx location for printing.  Simply submit your order online for in-store pick-up. CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.
  • Tags will print 10 to a page.
  • If you have a laser printer, you can use a “draft” or “normal” setting to print your barcode tags. 
This is the BEST OPTION for barcode tag printing.
  • If you have an inkjet printer, be sure to use the “best” setting to print your barcode tags due to better quality needed to clearly print each barcode.
  • Please don’t reprint barcode tags on the backside of any paper because we are unable to accept any double-sided tags. Please use white cardstock, as other colors do not allow barcodes to scan correctly.
  • We will not accept any “handwritten” tag changes because our online system will not support them. If a barcoded tag is changed AT ALL, you must go back into your online tagging account and update/edit the specific tag information online and then simply print out the new tag. Hint: make sure to destroy your old tag so that it does not mistakenly get attached to an item.
  • When preparing tags online, the program will ask if you wish to donate the item if it does not sell during the sale.  The CSCS arranges for all donated items to be picked up by charities in the area.  If you select for the item to be donated, a blackened circle will be printed on your tag once printed.  You can also choose for the item not to be donated, in which case you must attend pick-up on Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm to pick up unsold items.
  • When preparing tags online, the program will ask you if you wish to have your item reduced to 1/2 price during the 1/2 price sale.  If you select yes, the word “Reduce” will be printed on your tag to let buyers know.  In the past, only items that were to be donated could be reduced.  This is no longer the case.  All items can be reduced to 1/2 price if the seller selects this option.
  • If you plan to DONATE any item to charity, please allow it to be reduced during our half-price sale. This will allow it to possibly sell for some money before being donated. CSCS will ensure that unsold items are picked up by reputable charitable organizations.
  • We suggest, as an added security measure, that you place a piece of clear packing/mailing tape over the safety pin of any of your items that are $10 or more. This will not harm your tags, but alerts staff that it is a higher priced item and this makes it more difficult for the tag to be removed or lost.
  • Make certain to include a detailed description of the item on each barcode tag so we can easily match up your item to its tag if they accidentally get separated.  You may abbreviate words, such as colors (blue= blu, green= grn,etc) to save space but color and description helps us match up items.
  • Double-check to make certain that you have the correct seller number that was assigned to you on each tag.
  • If any of your items are rejected for the sale when inspected by CSCS receiving volunteers, please remember to delete them from your online tag inventory.
  • After printing your tags, look at the barcode closely. Make sure the barcode lines are sharp, not blurry or jagged, and you can see white space between each bar. Also make sure you can make out the text/words around the barcode.
  • Do not print a tag with the same exact barcode item number and use it on more than one item. The system will not scan duplicate barcode numbers. If you have multiple items that are the same please, print a unique tag for each item.
Tagging Supplies
To tag your items, you will need the following supplies:
  • Hangers for clothing (preferably standard sized wire hangers)
  • White cardstock 60-67lb. for making tags (no copy paper- it doesn’t hold up).  Cardstock must be white or the scanners won’t read the tag correctly.
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins (no straight pins please)
  • Zip-top bags to attach accessories (if needed)
  • Zip-ties or ribbon to pair shoes together (if needed)
  • Clear packaging tape (if needed).  Please note, when taping a tag to an item, do not cover the barcode with the tape.
How And Where To Tag Items:

▪   For all clothing, place garments on hangers with the hook facing to the left (so that it looks like the top of a question mark).

▪   Attach your tag when looking at the garment to the top right of each garment (left shoulder or left hip of the item) with a safety pin.

▪   When safety pinning the tag to a garment, place safety pin at the top of the tag underneath where the tag says “Cossitt School Clothing Sale”.

▪   Once on hangers and tagged, your clothing items should look like the picture below.

tagging picture

▪   If you have a clothing set (ex. pants and shirt), safety pin the set together before placing it on the hanger to make sure that the pieces stay together.  Keep those cute little hats, booties, and pants with their partners!

▪   Equipment should be securely tagged with clear packing tape across the top third of the tag.  The tag should not cover the barcode.

▪   Items containing small parts may be placed in a Zip-top bag with the tag taped to the outside of the bag.  Be sure to place the tape only on the top third of the tag so that you do not cover the barcode.

▪   If your item has more than one piece (ex. 3-piece bedding set) attach a hand-written piece of paper to all pieces with your seller number and description, but attach the barcoded tag on the first, most visible piece. Do NOT attach a barcoded tag to each piece.

Additional Tagging Information

▪   When you group items together, they sell using one tag (ex. a shirt and shorts sold together requires only one tag).  Consider grouping together smaller items such as bibs, onsies, receiving blankets, etc. and using only one tag (i.e. grouping 3 bibs together)

▪   Items are sold on hangers and hangers and safety pins will not be returned to sellers.

▪   Items will be sold with tags on them.  CSCS will scan the tag information into the computer at checkout, but will not retain a hardcopy of the tag.  Sellers will be able to check on-line to see what items sold/did not sell.

▪   All clothing must be clean, odor free, and in good condition or they cannot be accepted for the sale.  It is not necessary to iron items, but pressed garments look better than wrinkled ones and may be more likely to sell.

▪   Items should be priced at a value of at least $1.00.  Please group items together if necessary.  For example, if you want to sell onesies and you wish to sell them for $.50 each, group four together and price the package at $2.00. Items (ex. pants, shirts, onesies, etc.) may be pinned together on a hanger.

▪   All pants must be pinned to a hanger, NOT folded over the hanger, as they will fall off and end up on the floor.  Pin pants to the two sides of the hanger as opposed to the bottom bar of the hanger.  The pins will stay in place better and the pants don’t bunch up as easily.  Larger safety pins work best for pinning pants on hangers.

▪   If you are selling a set (ex. shirt and shorts) the best way to display it is to pin the shorts to the shirt, near to the bottom of the shirt, so that it looks like an outfit.

▪   For items that have matching accessories (hats, booties, etc.), either pin the extra item(s) to the hanging garment using a safety pin or place the item(s) in a Zip-top bag and pin the bag to the hanging item.  Please take special precaution to ensure these items do not come loose from the hanger.

▪   Shoes: affix barcoded tag to the sole of one shoe.

▪   Secure shoes together with clear packing tape, zip-ties, or string by looping the string through the shoelace hole or a strap (that can’t be adjusted) on each shoe and tie them together.  CSCS cannot be responsible for shoes that get separated.