(Only required for those who choose NOT to have ALL of their unsold clothes and equipment donated if not sold. Pick up is required for ALL bikes/ride-ons not sold)
Cossitt School Gymnasium: Sunday, March 10th, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Please enter in the rear of the school through the northwest door, off of the playground. School will not be in session and the playground will be available for parking.
♦ IMPORTANT: If you are going to pick up your unsold items, you MUST arrive during the designated time.
♦ ALL items not claimed by the end of the pick up period will be donated to charity. Sorry, no exceptions. If you know ahead of time that you will be unable to pick up your unsold items, you may designate someone to do so on your behalf. However, you must let a Receiving Chair know when you drop off your items.
♦ Your check will be available for pick up when you pick up your items.
♦ Please remember, this is a volunteer run event and the funds raised are solely for the benefit of the students at Cossitt School. Every effort is made to eliminate loss due to error or theft. In accordance with the waiver electronically signed by registrants during the registration process, Cossitt school and/or the Cossitt PTC cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.
**Unsold items not picked up by 1 pm on Sunday cannot be held and will be immediately donated. If you do not attend pick up to retrieve your items and your check for your portion of items sold, please email us at clothingsale@cossittptc.org. No reminder phone calls will be made on Sunday to sellers. Unclaimed clothes and equipment will be immediately donated.