FAQ for Sellers

Thank you for your interest in selling at the Cossitt School Clothing Sale. Please take a few minutes to read through this list as it contains important information. If you have a question about something that isn’t answered here, you can always email us at clothingsale@cossittptc.org or message us on Facebook.

What is this sale all about?

The Cossitt Clothing Sale is a twice-yearly children’s consignment sale and 40+ year community tradition. Year after year, shoppers come from far and wide for great deals on gently-used, high-quality children’s clothing, shoes, equipment, and books. Our sellers keep 60% of the sale price while the Cossitt Parent Teacher Council earns 40%. Proceeds benefit the students and teachers of Cossitt School, and donations of unsold items help children throughout the area.

What can I sell?

You can sell gently-used children’s clothing, shoes, equipment, and books. Be sure to check our list of Acceptable Items. At our Fall Sale (late Sept/early Oct), we sell fall and winter clothing, and at our Spring Sale (early March), we sell spring and summer clothing. We don’t sell toys at our sale, but we highly recommend the Forest Road Toy Sale.

NOTE: Overall item limit per seller = 200

How do I sign up to sell?

New to our sale? Go to www.cossittptc.org/clothingsale and click on the black “SELLER LOGIN” button. Then click “Need a Consignor Number?” Enter your information and you’ll be assigned a Consignor Number. This number is permanent and you’ll keep it from sale to sale.

Do I have to register for each sale?

Yes! Once you have signed up with us, you will have to register for each sale so we know that you are participating. To do this, click the black “SELLER LOGIN” button and sign in with your login and password. Then choose “Register” to sign up for the upcoming sale.

How do I enter my items into the system?

  • Click on the black “SELLER LOGIN” button at www.cossittptc.org/clothingsale
  • Log in using your consignor number and password
  • Click on “My Homepage”
  • Go to the “Activities Menu” dropdown and select “Work With Consigned Inventory”
  • Go to “Active Inventory” and choose “PC/Laptop Version”
  • You can now start entering your items into the system.

How should I describe my items?

It’s helpful to include as much detail as you can in your descriptions. Instead of “blue shirt,” try “blue H&M butterfly tee”. This will help you keep track of what’s what when you’re entering your items in the system. It also helps us match tags to clothes in the unlikely event your tag falls off.

Baby Clothes Category & Selling Limit

Please use the “Baby Clothes” category for all items 12 months and smaller. We have been told it is difficult to shop the packed racks of infant clothing that we receive. Infant clothing is also the category that sells the fewest number of items. That is why we are limiting the number of Baby Clothes items that a seller may sell to 40. This way only the best items will be on the racks for buyers, and sellers are much more likely to sell the items they worked hard to tag. Remember, we encourage you to group items as full outfits (each outfit only counting as one item in inventory).

How should I price my items?

Most items sell between $1 and $5, with few items over $10. The minimum price is $1, and we ask that you price in increments of .50. Keep in mind that our shoppers are looking for savings and bargains. You can find a list of suggested prices for commonly sold items HERE.

What is the Half-Price Sale? 

During the last hour of the sale (Saturday, 1 pm to 2 pm), all items will sell for 50% off the marked price during our Half-Price Sale. It’s a wonderful way to sell more of your stuff, raising more money for Cossitt programs, and ensuring bargains for all!  Once the sale is over, we will donate any remaining items to the many wonderful charitable agencies we support each year.  Your donations will benefit:

– National Children’s Cancer Federation
– Westchester Food Pantry
– Comer Children’s Hospital
– Northwestern NICU
– Heartland Alliance
– St. Cletus Food Pantry
– St. Francis Xavier Food Pantry
– Children’s Community Closet of LG Park

We even donate clothing to our school district health offices to give kids something to wear in case of accident or illness.

What happens to my unsold items?

All unsold items will not be returned and will be automatically be donated to an appropriate organization as noted above at the end of the sale.

How do I print my tags?

You can print tags from any computer–they just need to be printed on white cardstock paper (60-67 lb). You can buy your own cardstock or you can pick some up from us about 3 weeks before the sale. Tags print 10 to a page–just cut them out and pin them to your items. You can also print tags for free at our Technical Assistance Nights.

What are Technical Assistance Nights?

The week before each sale, we have two Technical Assistance Nights for sellers to print tags, pick up cardstock paper, use our paper cutter, view samples of tagged items, and ask questions of our friendly volunteers–all at absolutely no charge. These drop-in sessions are usually held on the Tuesday and Thursday before the sale at a convenient location. All sellers will get an email a few weeks before the sale with specific dates, times, and locations.

What supplies do I need?

  • WIRE hangers
  • Safety pins (larger pins work best)
  • Cardstock paper
    • Want FREE paper?  Come to Technical Assistance nights or pick up at a volunteer’s home closer to the sale.  The address will be posted on our website.
  • Scissors
  • Clear packing tape (to secure tags to large items)
  • Zip ties or rubber bands (to keep shoes together)
  • Laundry baskets / Cardboard Boxes (preferred) to transport your items

Remember, start collecting your wire hangers now! As stated in our tagging instructions and videos, all clothes must be hung on wire (NOT plastic) hangers. Items not hung on wire hangers will NOT be accepted at the sale. This allows us to fit more items on the racks, makes for easier shopping, and prevents the many broken plastic hangers/items on the floor we deal with during the sale. Often dry cleaners have them available for free. Thank you for your cooperation!

How do I get my items ready?

Look over your items carefully for stains, holes, worn knees, missing buttons, or broken zippers. (If any of these issues can’t be fixed, you can donate these things to The Community Shop in La Grange for textile recycling. )

Hang your clean, pressed clothes on wire hangers, with the hook facing to the left (like the top of a question mark). Pants should be pinned on both sides to the top of the hanger. Shoes should be zip-tied or otherwise secured together. Books can be bundled in sets with a rubberband.

Where does the tag go?

  • On clothing, the tag goes on the upper-right side of the item (the wearer’s left shoulder or hip). See the photo or our helpful video at www.cossittptc.org/clothingsale for details.
  • On shoes, tape the tag to the bottom of one sole or secure it inside the shoe.
  • On books, tape tag to the front or back cover it with regular adhesive tape.
  • On large items, tape the tag securely with clear packing tape. It’s OK to cover the whole tag with tape.

My items are tagged. When can I drop off my things?

Ready to drop off? Bring your tagged items to our Receiving Hours (check back closer to the sale for date/times) before the sale.

  • Separate your tagged clothes into boys’ and girls’ items and load them into laundry baskets or easy-to-carry containers.
  • Bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we will mail your check to you.
  • Obey posted parking restrictions. 
  • Enter through the northwest doors at the rear of the school (Entrance #5).
  • Check-in with the volunteer and proceed to the gym.

Do I have to wait for my items to be checked?

No, you can just drop your items with one of our Receiving Volunteers and go. 

Why do items get rejected?

The biggest reasons for items to be rejected are excessive wear, stains, tears, holes, missing buttons, odor (smoke/animals), wrong season (winter clothing at spring sale), or adult sizes. We will also reject items with tags from previous sales or tags that have been written on or altered in any way.


We no longer will accept these items due to space and COVID concerns. Please see the Acceptable Items section for more details.

How will I receive my check?

Checks will be mailed, please drop off a self-addressed envelope with a stamp along with your items.

Can I use the same tags for the next sale?

Unfortunately, no. The system we use requires new tags for each sale. Please make sure you print new tags for your items for each sale. You will see the current sale date at the top of each tag (e.g., “Fall 2022”).

I’ve printed my tags but I changed my mind on a price. What should I do?

If you change your mind on a price, just go into the system to update the price and print a new tag. Please don’t write or mark on the tag. And don’t change the price in the system without changing the tag–we will always use the price on the tag when ringing up the item. Handwritten prices will be rejected.

How can I shop the presale?

Want access to the best stuff? Volunteer! If you can give just three hours of your time, you’ll get to shop our coveted presale with the best selection of merchandise. There are a variety of volunteer time slots available; we have weekday, weekend, daytime, and evening hours. You can find more volunteer information here: http://www.cossittptc.org/clothingsale/volunteer

What if I have more questions?

  • Refer back to our website www.cossittptc.org/clothingsale for more information and important dates.
  • Watch our short and sweet how-to videos on YouTube for selling tips.
  • Follow our Facebook page to get updates and news on upcoming sales.
  • We keep in touch via regular email updates as the sale gets closer.
  • If you have a question about something that isn’t answered here, you can always email us at clothingsale@cossittptc.org or message us on Facebook.