Acceptable Items


  • Leggings, pants, & jeans
  • Skirts & dresses
  • Shorts (spring sale only)
  • Long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts
  • Jackets, fleeces, windbreakers
  • Heavy sweaters, flannel, corduroy pants (fall sale only)
  • Winter coats & snow pants (fall sale only)
  • Suits & special occasion dresses
  • Swimming suits and rash guards (spring sale only)
  • Pajamas

We sell children’s sizes only, newborn to youth size 16. Each seller is limited to 20 “Baby Clothing” items sized 12 months or smaller. No adult clothing, please.

Costumes & Dancewear

  • Dancewear, leotards
  • Martial arts outfits
  • Scout uniforms
  • Cossitt CCC costumes
  • Halloween costumes (fall sale only)


  • Hats, hair bows
  • Winter hats, gloves, scarves (fall sale only)
  • Belts, neckties, bowties
  • Purses, backpacks, diaper bags
  • New-in-package socks, tights, or undergarments


  • Dress & casual shoes (no gym shoes, please)
  • Dress & casual sandals (spring sale only)
  • Sports shoes (dance, soccer cleats, etc.)
  • Rain boots
  • Snow boots (fall sale only)

Please note that any unsold shoes will not be returned and will be donated to an organization in need.


  • Board books, picture books, easy readers
  • Chapter books (up to 8th grade)
  • Nonfiction children’s books
  • Parenting books

Please note that any unsold books will not be returned and will be donated to an organization in need.

Baby Gear & Nursery Decor

  • Strollers, baby carriers, slings
  • Walkers, exersaucers, activity mats
  • High chairs & booster seats
  • Baby monitors
  • Bath tubs, baby towels
  • Cradles, bassinets
  • Changing tables, diaper bags, diaper pails, potty seats
  • Toddler and children’s bedding & crib linens
  • Children’s room decor: lamps, rugs, artwork
  • Baby gates, bed rails, child locks, outlet plugs

Sports, Bikes & Outside Gear

  • Bicycles, tricycles
  • Riding toys, scooters, wagons
  • Shin guards, knee pads, wrist guards, sporting gloves, baseball mitts, bats (no helmets, please)
  • Baseball mitts, bats
  • Roller blades & roller skates

Please review the following list of items we do not accept for sale:


  • Fall or winter clothing at the Spring Sale (sweaters, flannel, corduroy, etc.)
  • Spring or summer clothing at the Fall Sale (shorts, tank tops)
  • Camp/team/program t-shirts (Park District camp, Brookfield Zoo camp, etc.)
  • School spiritwear other than Cossitt, Park Jr. High, or Lyons Township High School
  • Clothes with an individual’s name or monogram
  • Outdated or out-of-fashion clothing
  • Clothing bigger than YOUTH size 16 or any adult clothing
  • Undergarments, socks, or tights (unless new in package)
  • Preemie clothing
  • Maternity clothing
  • Gym shoes

Baby Gear, Toys & Sports

  • Car seats, car booster seats
  • Diapers (unless new in package)
  • Breast pumps
  • Used bottles (only new in package)
  • Crib bumpers, drop-side cribs, mattresses
  • Helmets of any kind
  • Toys
  • Music CDs
  • DVDs
  • Baby blankets

Painted and Recalled Items
Painted children’s items will not be accepted unless the items have “Made in the USA” on their label. Varnished items are acceptable as well as items with lead testing verification.  Check for recalled items at

The Cossitt Clothing Sale reserves the right to refuse any item that we do not deem appropriate for the sale.