Room Parents

Room parents are responsible for class parties and provide support for teachers when needed for large classroom projects like integrated arts festivals, and field trips.
One parent volunteer is designated as the liaison. The liaison is the contact person for the teacher and PTC, organizes planning sessions, and manages class party funds.
Room Parent Tips:
  • Communicate with the classroom teacher regarding the foods & activities he/she prefers at class parties.
  • Be thoughtful by notifying room parents of other classes at your grade level if you are planning something very special, to avoid possible hurt feelings.
  • Reserve any special party space you’ll need through the school office well in advance of your party.
    Try to contact all parents who fill out a party/field trip volunteer form no more than once for donations of time or supplies.
  • Turn in all receipts for party expenditures to your liaison so you can be reimbursed. There is approximately $3/per child available for all parties, so budget appropriately. Do not ask parents for additional funds. If you need extra money contact PTC In-service Vice President.
  • The end of the year 6th grade party is funded separately from the holiday parties.
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