Room Parents

What is a Room Parent?
  • Communicate with teacher/parents
  • Manage classroom volunteers
  • Work in teams to plan and execute classroom parties
    • Halloween, Winter Holiday, and End of Year Party
  • Coordinate Optional Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Service Projects/Activities
  • Teacher Gifts
    • Birthday, Holiday, Teacher Appreciation, & End of Year, etc.
  • Occasional Teacher Projects or Special Requests
  • Parent & Class Socials (build the community)
Responsibilities of Room Parent Coordinator
  • Serve as the main contact person for the teacher and the PTC.
  • Contact the classroom teacher to work out details of class parties.
  • Organize planning sessions at convenient times to ensure all Room Parents can attend.

October 29, 2021 – Halloween Party (following school Halloween Costume Parade)
November 2021 – Class or grade-level Thanksgiving service project or activity (optional)
December 2021 – Organize Teacher Holiday Gifts
December 16 & 17, 2021 – Winter Holiday Party

February 14, 2022 – Valentine Service projects (optional)
May 2 – 6, 2022 – Teacher Appreciation Week
May/June 2022 – Teacher End of Year Gift
June 2022 – End of Year Class Party (out of school at a park)

  • 1/2 day Kindergarten – Monday, June 6 | 11:30am | Spring Rock Park
  • 1H – Wednesday, June 8 | 11:30am | Spring Rock Park
  • 1L – Wednesday, June 8 | 11:30am | Elm Park
  • 1G – Wednesday, June 8 | 12:30pm | Denning Park
  • 2nd Grade – Wednesday, June 1 | 2:30pm | Elm Park
  • 6th Grade – Wednesday, June 8 | 1pm – 4pm | LFC Pool

Coordinate class/grade socials
Boost school spirit by coordinating class shirts via Spiritwear
Boost school spirit by communicating goings-on to the class (i.e. Book Fair, CCC’s, etc)

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  • Gift Giving and contributions must always be optional.
  • When asking for parents to contribute to a group gift, make sure no specific contribution amount is specified.
  • Ensure that all children’s names are on the card, even though participation is optional.
  • Reach out to the Room Parent Managers, Debra Reid and Vanessa Robertson for a link to the staff wishlist indicating stores they like to shop at, etc.

D102 Parent Volunteer COVID PROTOCOLS

  • Limit on room parents of 2-3 per room
  • No food
  • Focus on crafts and games.
These are all set up as a way of acknowledging that, even with the slight lessening of social distancing restrictions, we still want to continue to be cautious with our event/party planning.
Additionally below in italics is the verbiage from District 102 regarding volunteers and vaccinations.  Basically, parents will need to show proof of vaccine or a neg Covid-19 test (which they can obtain from the District at no cost).
D102 is requiring ALL volunteers in our schools to provide a CDC-approved vaccination card or results of a recent negative test that were obtained within the last 48 hours.  
In addition, volunteers must confirm that they are COVID-19 symptom-free when entering the building.

School Staff (Secretary, Principal, or Asst. Principal) will view vaccine cards or negative test results upon entry into the building for volunteer opportunities.

Parents/volunteers who are dropping off or picking up supplies, food, materials, etc. do not need to have a vaccination card nor negative test results.

Questions?  Contact Room Parent Managers: Debra Reid or Vanessa Robertson