Officers & Committee Chairs

Cossitt PTC officers are elected to two year terms on the Executive Board. The First Vice-President works closely with the President for one year and then becomes President for the second year of the term to assure a smooth transition. For job descriptions and nominating procedures, see the links on the right.
2017-2018 Officers
President: David Grayson
First Vice President: Casey Livingston
Administrative VP: Sandra Vazquez-Weber
In-Service VP: Michelle Henrichs
Social VP: Nicole Stork
Fundraising VP: Terrie King
Secretary: Michelle Borkowski
Treasurer: Mandy Vadbunker
Assistant Treasurer: Jennifer Bonniwell
Committee Chairs
Art Appreciation: Sarah Baur & Kimberly Schau
Art Club: Laura Taylor                                                                                                                                                               Assemblies: Jennifer Robison
Author Visits: Vanessa Blasco & Melissa Diebold
Back to School Party: Kristen Keenan & Stephanie Posey                                                                                                 Battle of the Books: Heather Hennessy & Chrissie Cheney
Beach Party: Tonya Chevalier
Bike Safety Rodeo: Kristen Keenan & Tori D’Antonio
Birthday Books: Hillary Renderman
Book Club: Amy Current & Rene Collins-Maragh
Book Fair:  Vickie Williams, Kate Mateja & Cathy Hertz
Boys on the Run: Randi Peterson  & Julie Constas
Building and Grounds: Melissa Dillenbeck & Nicole Stork
Bulb Sale Coordinator: Jill Hines
Business Solicitations: Carolyn Rodgers & Sarah Stamatakos
Celebrating Cossitt Curriculum (CCC): Michelle Borkowski & Megan Kostal
Clean Out Your Desk: Kerry Farris
Clothing Sale: Julie Anderson & Katie Allan                                                                                                                         Cossitt Campus Improvement: Carrie Jenke, Laura Riley & Kristy Sweigard
CPCFRO Representative: Sandi Metcalfe & Julie Workman
Education Garden Paver Sale: N/A for 2017-18
End of Year Event: Amanda Maciag, Julie O’Brien & Katie Finnegan
Family Fun Night: Stephanie Espinoza & Angie Larson
Garden Club: Eric Vymyslicky & Misty Beaver
Hospitality: Bre Schneider & Heather Hennessy
Legacy 6th Grade Project: Melissa Dillenbeck
Lunch Clubs: Beth McMillan & Nicoe Boehne                                                                                                                     Flying High Party: Lisa Gibbons & Vanessa Robertson
Mixed Bags: Casey Livingston
New Family Liaison: Jennifer McElroy & Kevin McElroy
Office Assistance: Linda Filkins
Original Works: Kristina Sunderman & Lisa Gibbons
Parent Social: Jamie Bonnevier & Kathleen Loughney
PIMA Representative: Katie Gardner Allan
Rebate Coordinator/Box Tops: Bess Shinsako
Restaurant Fundraising: Kelly Ratcliffe
Room Parent Coordinators: Becky Lemna & Hillary Renderman                                                                                   Run for 102: Lynn Lach
School Supplies (SchoolKidz): Michelle Dravillas
Science Center Representative: Barb Lee & Dawn Collins
Scrip Gift Card Program: Leslie Stahulak
Social Fundraising: Amy Moran, Michelle Dravillas & Vanessa Prinz
Spiritwear: Stephanie Thornton & Jeanne Blauw
Student Performing Arts: Nicole Stork, Carrie Jenke & Jennifer Ravkin
Trivia Night: Veronica Puc
Website & Social Management: Jen Barnicle
Yearbook: Lisa Bucaro & Jen Barnicle