Officers & Committee Chairs

Cossitt PTC officers are elected to two-year terms on the Executive Board. The First Vice-President works closely with the President for one year and then becomes President for the second year of the term to assure a smooth transition. For job descriptions and nominating procedures, see the links on the right.

2021-2022 Officers


Lisa Henderson


lekh411 at

1st Vice President

Jennifer McElroy

jenemcelroy at

Admin V.P.

Vanessa Prinz


vanessaprinz at

Fundraising V.P.

Debra Reid

cossittptcfundraising at

Social V.P.

Dawn Collins


dawncollins at

Enrichment V.P.

Amy Crumrine

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Jenny Tatro


Laurie Haning

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Asst. Treasurer

Katie Vercellino

Committee Chairs
Thanks to so many Cossitt parent volunteers, the PTC is able to provide all the programs and services that it does. Please consider volunteering for one (or more) of the open Chair or Co-Chair positions. Unless otherwise noted, the following are two-year positions in which the volunteer serves the 1st year as Co-Chair, working with an experienced Chair, and the 2nd year as Chair, working with an incoming Co-Chair. Positions that don’t require a Co-Chair are denoted with an asterisk (*). For most jobs, planning and coordination can be done at home and at your own convenience. 
Cheers for Cossitt Plans annual social event for Cossitt Parents. Conceptualizes event and manages committees (i.e. decorations, venue, food/beverage, publicity, fundraising & sponsorships). Event timing will be determined in coordination with Chair/Co-Chair and the PTC Executive Board. It is recommended that the Chair/Co-Chair have worked on a previous parent social. (Co-Chair) Molly Jandrain & Julie Welch
Art Appreciation Coordinates monthly in-class art experiences presented by parent volunteers. It is recommended that the Chair has volunteered for Art Appreciation prior to assuming a chair/co-chair role. This program is active throughout the school year with a heavy fall start-up commitment. In addition to managing volunteers, Chairs maintain the Art Appreciation supplies and keep materials replenished and in good shape. (Co-Chair) Stephanie Espinoza & Vanessa Robertson & Annette Cuthbert
Art Club Coordinates monthly (Oct-April) after school meetings to assist 5th and 6th-grade students interested students in exploring art concepts and creating art projects. In the spring, there is a trip to the Chicago Art Institute.  Preferably, the co-chair is a 5th-grade parent.  (Co-Chair) Jennifer Ravkin & Kate Mateja
Assemblies* Coordinates assemblies for each grade, as requested by teachers. Contacts performers and coordinates logistics and payments. May need to occasionally attend performances to assist. Approximately 10 hours of planning involved. Fewer than 7 hours of in-school time to attend performances. (Chair) Kim Hare
Author Visits Assists LRC librarian and visiting authors by organizing book sales/signing for scheduled author visits throughout the year. Must be available to attend the visits. (Co-Chair) Jennifer Bonniwell & Julie Walsh
Back to School Kickoff Organizes a welcome back to school social for families.  Includes reserving venue, inviting vendors, promotional info, overseeing volunteers, and managing event, Late-summer planning, short-term commitment. (Co-Chair) Vanessa Robertson & Amy Moran
Battle of the Books Assists librarian with the weekly Battle meetings over the lunch hour. Approximate time commitment is 1-hour per week during most weeks Nov-Feb. 1 year commitment, preferably 4th grade parents. (Co-Chair)

Jennifer Bonniwell & Caryn Thomas

Bike Safety Rodeo Coordinates this one day, after-school event for students 3rd grade and up in Sept. Completion of the Bike Safety test is required for children who wish to ride their bikes to school. The Bike Rodeo has a well-established format and is a short-term commitment, with late summer/early fall planning. 1 year commitment, preferably 3rd grade parents. (Chair/Co-Chair)

Jamie Bonnevier & Katie Smart

Birthday Books* Orders a supply of books 3 times per year, which students choose from on their birthday (or ½ birthday for summer birthdays). This is a low-level time commitment throughout the school year and does not include a co-chair. (Chair) Terrie King
Book Club Organizes the lunchtime reading program for (grades 2, 3, 5, 6). Places participating students into groups led by a parent volunteer(s), coordinate parent volunteers, and selects and orders the books.  Planning and initial book club sign up occurs in Nov/Dec, and club runs Jan-Mar. Chair/Co-Chair do not need to lead a book group.  (Co-Chair) Nicole Landeche & Lisa Katzenberger-Bash
Book Fair Coordinates 3-day fall book fair. Works with vendor, school staff and parent volunteers for fair setup, sale, cleanup and follow-up on customer orders. This is a September through November time commitment. Co-chair(s) will chair the following year. (Co-Chair) Kim Hare & Amy Crumrine
Tiger DanceFit Fundraiser Works with vendor to coordinate the student DanceFit fundraiser.  The Cossitt Chair/Co-chair assists with communications and coordinating volunteers for the event itself. Cyndi Jurinak & Tara O’Meara
Boys Running Club Organizes a running club for boys, grades 4-6. A spring commitment (April-May), meeting after school, 2 times per week.  Coordinates the group’s participation in a local 5K race at the end of the program. Must be able to run or bike three miles. 1 year commitment preferably parent of 4th-6th grade boy. (Co-Chair) Kristen Tagliere & Claire Biebel
Building and Grounds Establishes and implements long term planning to improve our building and grounds, and our children’s learning environment. Miscellaneous projects throughout the year, based on needs and interests. (Co-Chair) Patrick Lach
Business Solicitations Manages the PTC’s solicitation of the local businesses for PTC events, primarily CCCs.  Works with CCC Chairs to determine needs and possible vendor opportunities and appropriate businesses to solicit for donations. Maintains a master list of vendors and solicitation efforts. Prepares the solicitation and communicates pick-up information to appropriate CCC lead.  Solicitations occur throughout the year. (Co-Chair)
Celebrating Cossitt Curriculum (CCC) Oversees grade-level CCCs and their chairs.  Coordinates the sign-up of volunteers for grade-level CCC Chairs and supports grade-level Chairs with overall management of each CCC, as needed. Meets with grade-level Chairs in the fall to communicate PTC policies, CCC budget, scheduling, and general informationChairs should be available to consult with grade level chairs throughout the planning of the festivals and be available to assist on festival days as needed.  It is recommended that the Chair/Co-Chair have served as a grade-level CCC Chair prior to taking on this position and is a parent of an older child so they are familiar with the majority of CCC programs. The Chairs will host a kick-off meeting for each grade level prior to the planning of the festivals. (Co-Chair) Andrea Faikus & Rene Collins-Maragh & Mel Diebold
Clean Out Your Desk* Organizes and publicizes end-of-year locker/desk clean out in order to donate reusable school supplies.  Coordinates the sorting and delivery of items the last day of school. Short-term commitment in May/June and should be available to manage the sorting and delivery of items. (Chair)

Amie Martin

Clothing Sale Lynn Lach & Vanessa Blasco
CPCFRO Representative Represents Cossitt School and coordinates intramural activities with representatives from all District 102 elementary schools. Duties include coordinating assessment nights, recruiting coaches and forming teams for Cossitt students. CPCFRO Representatives also assist with board functions such as district wide communication, league coordination, scheduling of games, facilities, referees, and scorekeepers, and other general league duties to be determined by the CPCFRO board president. (5th Grade Co-Chair, parent with a girl participating in CPCFRO) Bre Schneider & Jamie Bonnevier
Education Garden Paver Sale* Coordinates the sale of the education garden pavers and coordinates their installation. 1-year commitment as this is every other year event. (Chair) Bre Schneider & Terrie King
End of Year Event Plans and coordinates the large all-school event held at the end of the year. This position oversees the End of Year subcommittees: Food, Games, Volunteers, T-Shirts, Fees, etc. It is recommended that the chairs of this event have headed a subcommittee before taking on this role. This is a January through June commitment. (Co-Chair) Sarah Colomb & Dan Dangler
Family Fun Night Plans a winter family event in February, designed to promote total family participation. Coordinate with outside vendors, plan activities, refreshments, parent volunteers, etc. Planning occurs Jan-Feb.  (Co-Chair) Emily Larson & Kelly Herr
Garden Club Coordinates and leads activities for a student group interested in gardening, using Cossitt’s Outdoor Education Garden.  The Club meets after school, weekly, for approximately 8 weeks in the Fall. Past activity plans are available. (Co-Chair) Erin Helander / Stephanie Boggess & Beth Augustine
Girls Running Club Organizes a running club for girls, grades 4-6. A spring commitment (April-May), meeting after school, 2 times per week.  Coordinates participation in a local 5K race at the end of the program. Must be able to run or bike three miles. 1 year commitment preferably parent of a 4th-6th grade girl. (Co-Chair) Alicia Herlihy & Erin Sanchez
Hospitality Organizes several lunches/breakfasts/treats for teachers and staff on special occasions (back to school, conferences, teacher appreciation week, etc) and for students (buddy popsicles, ice cream social, etc). Limited commitment that occurs intermittently throughout year. Could involve a small committee. (Co-Chair)

Jennifer McElroy & Amy Current

Legacy 6th Grade Project* Helps coordinate with the school, a legacy project for the 6th grade students.  Time commitment varies based on the project.  This is a 1-year commitment, preferably a parent of a 6th grader. (Chair) Kim Schau
March Madness Reading Program (5th Grade) Tiz Lambert & Sarah Colomb & Julie Cunningham
New Family Liaison* Sends emails to families entering Cossitt and communicates throughout the year to help new families stay abreast of all things Cossitt. (Chair) Becky Sorice
Office Assistance* Photocopies PTC materials and distributes to teacher mailboxes.  Chair works independently, but can solicit for additional photocopy volunteers.  Photocopying is done once per week, 1-2 hours weekly, all school year. This position does not have a co-chair.  (Chair) Catherine Dee
Original Works Original Works is a fundraising program that sells students’ original artwork on mugs, t-shirts, magnets and more. Work with Original Works Company, Cossitt art staff, and parent volunteers. Short-term commitment in winter and early spring. (Co-Chair) Julie Anderson & Julie Elrod
PIMA Representative Represents Cossitt on the District102 Parent Instrumental Music Association (PIMA), the parent-run organization that supports the District’s band and orchestra programs.  Serves as a conduit of information to and from Cossitt/PIMA, and assists with bake sales held at concerts. Minimal commitment throughout the year, Preferable that Chair/Co-chair have a student involved in band or orchestra.* (Chair) Patricia & Ian Byrne
Positive School Climate Committee (PSCC) District Level Represents Cossitt on the D102 PSCC, providing information to and from Cossitt and the PSCC.  Helps plan and implement at least one District-wide PSCC related program. Occasional commitment throughout the year in promoting others school’s event and organizing one for Cossitt.  (Co-Chair) Rene Collins-Maragh & Lisa Bucaro
Positive School Climate Committee (PSCC) at Cossitt
Rebate Coordinator/BoxTops* Collect “Box Tops for Education” and submits three times per year.  Promotes Box Tops and Amazon Smile program throughout the year. Low time commitment (Chair) Megan Davidson & Cathy Hertz
Restaurant Fundraising* Solicits and works with different restaurants in the La Grange area to sponsor fundraiser/rebate nights.  Prepare communication materials for PTC communications. Works independently to coordinate 3-4 restaurant fundraisers per year.  (Chair) Chris Maley & Katie Justak
Room Parent Coordinator Coordinates and organizes room parent volunteer lists in the fall, assigns and confirms class liaisons. Works with Hospitality Chair to plan Room Parent Luncheon, and coordinates parent volunteers and food purchases for the Halloween and Winter Parties and Picture Day. This position has a 2-year commitment with heavy, but short-term time commitment immediately after the school year begins. (Co-Chair)  Leslie Stahulak & Mary Ellen Giese
Run for 102 Reps Represent Cossitt on the D102 Run Committee that plans and organizes the district 5k and 1-mile run fundraiser.  Serve as a conduit of information between the Run Committee and Cossitt. Committee meetings start minimally in the fall, with more work occurring closer to the race in the spring.  (Co-Chair)

Gina Caneva & David Collins

School Supplies* Coordinates the sale and distribution of pre-packaged school supply kits that families order online in the spring for the following school year.  Creates and distributes online order form. Kits are delivered to Cossitt and Chair coordinates volunteers to sort kits to classrooms. Small time commitment in spring and in the days before school starts.  (Chair)  Peggy Katz
Science Center Representative Represents Cossitt on the Science Center Board. Helps plan programs and fundraisers. Attends monthly meetings and reports activities to the PTC. Commitment lasts throughout the year. (Chair/Co-Chair) Rene Collins-Maragh & Francis Tuminello
Social Fundraisers  Solicit Cossitt families to host social fundraising parties that families can purchases tickets to attend via sign-up genius. Assist in compiling descriptions of the parties for the sign-up.  Solicitation begins in late spring and parties are finalized in September.  (Chair/Co-Chair) Carrie Becker & Mia Schultz
Spiritwear Organizes sale of Cossitt spiritwear and accessories.  Works with an outside vendor to coordinate the sale, prepares communications about the sale, and trouble-shoots as needed. Julie Welch & Brooke O’Brien
STEM Lab Coordinator  

Rene Collins-Maragh

Student Performing Arts Organize the much-loved biennial student art show, to be held in late winter/early spring of 2020 (and again in 2022).  This is a large event to coordinate and additional volunteers will be recruited and work can be delegated. Includes soliciting student artwork, conceptualizing and managing grade level projects, promoting the event, organizing the show, and overseeing committees and volunteers to assist.  The Co-Chair should have a current 3rd grader or younger because the Co-Chair for the 2020 show becomes Chair in 2022.   (Co-Chair)

Lisa Henderson & Rene Collins-Maragh

Trivia Night Coordinating this spring social event/fundraiser, which will include additional volunteers and subcommittees so work can be delegated.  Includes securing a venue, developing a theme and rounds of questions, coordinating registration, running the event, and overseeing volunteers.  Some event planning takes place in the Fall, but most of the work is done in the winter months up until the event. (Chair/Co-Chair) Lisa Henderson & Mel Diebold
Website & Facebook* Routinely update the PTC website and Facebook page.  Most information can be taken directly from the Tiger Times.  PTC website uses WordPress. Approximately 30 minutes per week throughout the year.  (Chair) Jody Cahill
Website Refresh Special Project   Jody Cahill
Wolves Game* Coordinates a Cossitt night at the Wolves hockey game, working with the Wolves organization to determine the date for the event and preparing communications to Cossitt.  Low time Commitment (Chair) Eric Vymyslicky
Yearbook Coordinates all photography of student events and activities, layout and production of the Cossitt yearbook. Year-long commitment with heavy time obligations Oct. thru March. It is strongly recommended that the Chairs have volunteered for the Yearbook committee prior to serving as Chair or Co-Chair. (Co-Chair) Becca Waldvogel & Mandy Vadbunker