Nominating Procedures for Executive Board

Adopted April 2017

To have uniform procedures for the nominating of officers to the Executive Board of the Cossitt PTC to ensure that all Cossitt Parents are given equal opportunity to apply for open positions.

This policy applies to all officer nominations by the Nominating Committee of the Cossitt PTC to the Executive Board.

  • At the February/March meeting of the Cossitt PTC Executive Board, the members of the Nominating Committee shall be selected by the PTC Executive Board. Members shall be Principal of Cossitt, PTC representative at large, PTC committee chairperson, Cossitt faculty member and retiring executive board member.
  • Beginning in March/April of each year open PTC Executive Board positions for the following school year should be announced in the Friday Folder, the weekly PTC e-mail. The PTC President will send out an email stating that there are openings on the Executive Board. Interested persons should be instructed to contact the President/Nominating Committee by a certain date. Persons should be asked to state which position(s) they are interested and if interested in multiple positions, rank level of interest.
  • President/Nominating Committee shall compile a list of persons interested in the open officer positions. The President/Nominating Committee shall contact each interested person to explain the duties of the open position and answer any questions they may have. Only members of the President/Nominating Committee shall contact prospective candidates.
  • If no one expresses interest in a PTC officer positions by the stated date, the President shall solicit prospective candidates.
  • Nominating Committee shall meet before the Membership Meeting in May to select one candidate for each open office. Prior to such meeting, each prospective candidate shall be told that there will be no decision as to who will be slated by the Nominating Committee for the position in which they expressed interest until the Nominating Committee meets.
  • In selecting candidates, the Nominating Committee shall take into account the prospective candidate‚Äôs previously PTC experience, including but not limited to chairing of a committee, volunteering at PTC functions, etc.
  • After the Nominating Committee selects its candidates for nomination, it shall contact each candidate selected to get her/his consent to have her/his name placed into nomination. The Nominating Committee also shall maintain a list of all persons expressing interest in officer positions for future years.
  • At the May Membership Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall report to the membership its list of candidates that it is nominating for the open officer positions. It should be announced that additional nominations may be made from the floor subject to the candidate consenting in advance to such nomination.